Chrome plating the internet

Google Chrome will change the internet landscape. The browser is fast and I noticed that the picture is being rendered with a vibrant color as well. I do not know if it has to do with the rendering engine Webkit or it is a different experience browsing in an almost default fullscreen.

The interface is very intuitive and there is no clutter. It is all about the experience in browsing and getting the information that you want.

The Opera style quickdial is also fascinating as it automatically detects the history. Even the Ctrl T is working.

My coworker told me that I am having an orgasm with Chrome because judging by my reaction, I am. I am really anticipating an OS X version as I use mac at home. And well, I hope Chromium will shake the linux world as well.

What a day to get excited by a browser. Google has already a hold in Dell by distributing the toolbar on its PCs. Hopefully, they can find a way to distribute chrome as a default web broser like Internet explorer and surely they will gain leverage.

Google is huge and they are doing great things that’s why.

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