Xbox 360 3rl Prevention

1. Replace stock fan with Talismoon Whisper
2. Replace thermal paste with AS5, just a drop in the middle of gpu and cpu
3. Do the fan shroud mod
4. Put a nylon washer (2mm) under between the x-clamp and mobo
5. Operate the 360 standing up above madcatz stand

360 running stable priceless, wasted time pricey.

P + (-P) = Zero ;
Zero is perfection

1. X-Clamp replacement, specifically, the RJBTech Mark III style. It’s by far the best. Even lawdawg uses this method himself now on his own xbox.
1. Clean heatsinks with ArticClean system to remove old gunk. Replace thermal pads/compound on both heatsinks with Artic Silver Ceramique (I don’t like the Silver 5 stuff as it’s capacative and you’re placing it on an exposed core with components with exposed legs surrounding them. Plus Ceramique does not dry out nearly as fast as Silver 5)
3. Lap and polish your heatsinks. I did both of mine to a literal mirror polish (2000 grit paper followed by polish). Took about an hour.
4. Add copper ram heatsinks to the two exposed ram chips on the top of the board, and to the southbridge. Glue them on with ArticSilver Ceramique adhesive not the crappy tape that most come with.
5. Make sure the ram on the bottom of the board (all four) have thermal gap filler material
6. Add thermal gap filler material to the ram under the GPU heatsink. I realize you may not have any.. I might be able to get you some. I have a “source”… When it’s a dedicated source and anyone can buy from them I’ll post up. I hope to have a reseller and part number for the $#!t I’m using soon.
7. Cut the metal mesh/grid out completely that is in front of the fans, so that only the plastic grille of the case itself remains. The plastic grille is more then enough protection the metal is overkill and is extra air resistence. Cutting the plastic grille too is even better but I liked having a bit of fan protection. You could also just enlarge the holes.
8. Replace fans with the tailsmoon fans
9. Do the RJBTech fanshroud air splitter/divider. Cover the top of the GPU heatsink and seal it to the shroud as well per his instructions

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