PHP5 and Zend Engine

: ” With PHP 5, will the Zend Engine be able to handle the low level issues like transaction, security, resource pooling, connection pooling etc? Since these low level issues are considered to be the backbone attributes for developing a enterprise applications, how should the PHP programmer be able to handle these low level issues while developing a enterprise applications in PHP 5?

We are not planning to try and copy application servers, no. Some of the features are just unlikely to happen (e.g., transaction management), some of them may happen in the future (connection/resource pooling), and some of them are just general topics, that are addressed in some ways in app servers, and in different ways in PHP, mostly because PHP and app servers tend to be used in very different ways.

Instead, what we’re going to do is work harder on providing tight integration between PHP and application servers. The JSR with Sun about PHP<->Java connectivity is a big step in that direction.”

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