Resetting the admin password for dns 323

First things first before your rusty brain can corrupt all your data:

Remove the hard disk from the bays

Use a paper clip to activate at the back of the device

Login using admin, password is blank.

Enable network settings

Add corresponding shares

If you are using boot from usb, remove the usb disk to default to telnet without user

Configure root

usermod -s /ffp/bin/sh root

Now rejoice and dust the old memory regularly.

getURL in Flash 9 and ActionScript 3

Create a symbol
Choose button
Select the button
Assign the action below

findMore.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, callLink);
function callLink(event:MouseEvent):void {
var url:String = "";
var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
try {
navigateToURL(request, '_blank');
} catch (e:Error) {
trace("Error occurred!");

Based from:

Top tips for new dad and the bliss of wonder and solemnity of fatherhood

Today is my 3rd day of being an official dad. It is such an overwhelming experience to see that we have made it this far and here we are with baby Nathan¬† Patrick trying to juggle a lot of things and grind our instincts and life’s experience to face the huge challenge of parenting. Fundamentally at this stage, we just need to feed him, clean him and then make him sleep. I guess playtime is an integral part of the whole shebang but more of it will probably happen in the coming days.

The crying has also changed a lot. It is becoming a more unified sense of a screaming orchestra. It tells you a lot of what’s going on and could be better than a wetness indicator that really needs some improvement in the usability area.

It’s 4:49 am now and I still have managed to blog a bit but it was a challenging night. Wifey has to breastfeed every hour and looking at her sometimes, it seems to be not easy. And when there is feeding, the ineviable changing of nappies follows. I had to assist her and really streched my patience up to infinity ( so really my limit can’t be zero if you know your basic calculus ) because she just had a caesarean and is still recovering.

As per Masterchef’s masterclass format, top tips for a new dad:

  • Patience is the key and preparation can only prepare your for the tip of the greater unknown
  • Do not rush because you need your body for the long haul and not just in the first five days. Therefore, move lazy and not the usual macho I can lift it all style
  • Listen! Crying can give you a lot of information. But for science people, do not form a model or an equation. This is heisenberg at its peak or probably a principle of its own
  • Do a skin to skin because if he doesn’t stop crying after that, you need to change the nappy or feed him or probably he is a bit stressed and also some medical attention
  • Give him 33.33 % of attention because the other 33.33 is solely for your wife and then give yourself the 33.33% back so everything will be at equilibrium
  • Adapt to an extremely changing environment by being focused and willing to learn
  • Embrace the situation because you are in this for the long haul man
  • I know the experience will draw some ginormous happiness and you are going to jump for joy but do not loose yourself completely, do still your usual routine like facebook, twit as in this week in tech, digg and engadget. Your social network is a support mechanism especially if you live overseas or living away from immediate families.
  • You can still play Gears of War or Portal later ^_^. Be contented with what’s on iphone like street fighter 4 or scrabble. If you have blackberry, probably turn in off (lol)
  • Eat, sleep and take a bath. Do not put your perfume though for now or anything like that just to save some allergy hassle or skin irritation in the baby side
  • Say I love you

I can still keep on going but I guess this is just what can be covered by my 2 cents of expression for now. Fatherhood is a journey and I can say that it is very rewarding.

A big chapter of this life is the freedom of wheels

22 Jan Friday
I got my professional Australian license

23 Jan Saturday
Had my first drive with my wife in Baby’s Galore Taren Point

24 Jan Sunday
We went to the church and then purchase a GPS.
Had my first top-up of fuel in Caltex (Premium Petrol 98 RON).

26 Jan Tuesday
Had driven 120kms to Wollongong to celebrate Australia day with style =)
Had my first car noise when swerving at 100kph downhill.

I’m loving this freedom and very thankful

Wolfram Alpha is too academic and claustrophobic

Wolfram Alpha is probably a project designed by scientists that came from a science school.

It displays numbers, graphs, semantics and tables. I love how it presents information discovery like in the case of the term ‘apple’ where it displays the company and then the next option is about the fruit. I don’t know if it is using some form of page ranking or trending. Well apple as a brand is stronger compared to the fruit.

One other thing, I am stuck on the page and I get this feeling of being contained in a box. I guess it is backward to get all that I want from a single website. It feels like being in a library on your own with a huge book.

But then again, it is good to see an alternative to a growing behemont like Google. I just hope that this in not just a hype like Cuil.

Balsamiq should be lifesaver in steroids

I have been using Balsamiq for quite sometime now and all I can say is it’s a mockup creation tool in steroids. We are doing a massive web redesign project and I have to produce some mockups with the infamous out of this world deadlines from an existing style guides. I was able to finish my mockups in one weekend and it was a breeze!

I have installed it in Windows XP 64bit and I was amazed not to encounter any error and it plays well with the 64 bit system. One thing though, I just hope that there is a scroll that can be used to expand the workspace down without going to this hack of inserting a UI object and then keep on resizing it down just to increase the workspace.

The interface is very simple so are the UI components but the whole package is intuitive enough for its purpose. I have yet to use Balsamiq into mockups other than webpages but I am already excited on doing things on it for the iphone. I am also going to try this linking feature that I just came across from their blog.

Moving forward, I will be showing this to my team at work since we are using Jira and Confluence. It might speed up everything with a mockup tool already integrated on our workspaces.

Well, all of this is not possible without them lending me a copy to play with. Thanks guys. Also, good thing that I am listening to Net@night where I get to know Balsamiq in the first place. =)