Balsamiq should be lifesaver in steroids

I have been using Balsamiq for quite sometime now and all I can say is it’s a mockup creation tool in steroids. We are doing a massive web redesign project and I have to produce some mockups with the infamous out of this world deadlines from an existing style guides. I was able to finish my mockups in one weekend and it was a breeze!

I have installed it in Windows XP 64bit and I was amazed not to encounter any error and it plays well with the 64 bit system. One thing though, I just hope that there is a scroll that can be used to expand the workspace down without going to this hack of inserting a UI object and then keep on resizing it down just to increase the workspace.

The interface is very simple so are the UI components but the whole package is intuitive enough for its purpose. I have yet to use Balsamiq into mockups other than webpages but I am already excited on doing things on it for the iphone. I am also going to try this linking feature that I just came across from their blog.

Moving forward, I will be showing this to my team at work since we are using Jira and Confluence. It might speed up everything with a mockup tool already integrated on our workspaces.

Well, all of this is not possible without them lending me a copy to play with. Thanks guys. Also, good thing that I am listening to Net@night where I get to know Balsamiq in the first place. =)

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