Moving from Xaraya 1.2 to WordPress 3.5

I’m about to say that this is a migration but what I have achieved only is just moving the articles from Xaraya to WordPress. I have to bite the bullet because upgrading to Xaraya 2.0 (Jamaica) is going to take the same effort.

So I decided to focus on articles only together with the related media.

In xaraya, render the page as rss i.e. . Download the xml.

In WordPress, use Tools > Import > RSS and then upload the xml from Xaraya.

The following are the plugins that I have used to configure WordPress closer to my previous Xaraya install:

  • Login Logout
  • Members
  • Multicons
  • Register Plus Redux
  • RSS Importer
  • Simple User Profile
  • WP Hide Dashboard
  • Akismet

Lastly, I have applied the 2012 theme that comes in the default install which enabled responsive design.

It’s not a perfect process but this has given me the opportunity to review the site and consolidate things like categories, pages and user management.

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