Why i purchased a mac

I have been evaluating hackintosh for a month now and the experience is unparalleled. OSX has been a fusion of an OS that I always wanted. Applications are very easy to install because they are self contained, the UI makes me feel good about creativity, accessibly is just phenomenal and the console is just the linux experience I always liked when running a Gentoo machine. This is considering that I have an erratic install that does not have a proper Sleep and Speedstep.

I have been looking for months on the Apple Store refurb section for great deals. Since last week, it has been a serious spotting and I have learned that they do put current generation machines there. Realizing that Penryn and 45nm are great technologies to start with so I decided to get my first Mac. I am now waiting for a 15″ 2.4Ghz macbook pro with its multitouch and efficient battery life.

Since my wife is doing some serious photography now with her 450d, I also have to get her a current gen Macbook , clocked at 2.4Ghz and with a superdrive. This will reduce some tension if you know what I’m talking because she is just as tech savvy as I am.

I think I was slightly affected by the demo of Google Appengine because they are using macbook pros in one of their campfire and I was enticed to get a Textmate as well. I would like to understand this technology though I have very limited experience with python. It will be nice if they can add in language support for ruby and php.

Addtionally, I have been watching JK Rowling on her Harvard commencement address and when the video is about to be finish, I was slapped with the dreadful blue screen of death. I guess my T30 is due for retirement and Windows XP is just shooting itself on the foot.

So there you go, I bought a macbook pro and a macbook for the first time because of my hackintosh experience, google appengine and to run away from the dreadful BOD! If that makes any sense at all.

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