Cebit Australia 2008 uncertainty

I am bit excited about going to Cebit this year because finally I will be able to get a free 3 day break from work. My great excuse really is that I will be attending the SEO conference on the second day and this will greatly improve my skills in SEO for our website (Yeah right). Well, I am just going to look for trends and the Australian Market for SEO.

Cebit is nothing new, it is like a car show full of enterprisey displays. I am actually looking for innovation and technology that is not only driven by the corporate world but I guess money makes the world go round. I wish there would be something like South by Southwest here or even a Defcon.

I am here now at the Bloggercon booth ready to meet Jason Calacanis in person and see if the other guys blogging about his charater and mahalo campaign are correct about their impressions. I would probably ask him for the Audible Ad he run at Twit or the fancy Tesla.

I think Cebit is not the right place for software developers or technology enthusiast. It’s just like a roadshow with a paid conference running in the background. If there is a business that is getting a lot out of this, it will be those that print brochures and sell giveaways. Who wants printed brochure nowadays? Good thing the Queensland Govt booth gave me a usb flash drive for a change and some others are offerring free coffee and massage.

Bottomline, you can just download the exhibitor’s list and visit their website and you will probably get more information. A few startups have their founders on the booth and they will give you in-depth information about their products and services but the rest are just like Amex card sales rep. No offence for the Amex guys, they are quite better in sales than a bunch of these guys.

I don’t feel excited anymore to visit tomorrow but I have to because of the SEO conference. I will probably stop today at UNSW because they are running a Post graduate openhouse and I am interested in doing some academic stuff next year.

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